Daal in a Jar

11:21 AMM Khan

My daal is some what well known among our friends and family. I frequently get asked for the recipe. Most times  though, my friends will either have  hard time finding an ingredient or even lentils at their local grocery, and  never get to try out my recipe.

So I started creating recipe jars with some of the key ingredients and passed it around to few of my friends. They absolutely loved the idea and the  best part everyone made their own homemade daal.
The jars included:
  • 3 different variety of split lentil
  • Small pouch of Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Black Mustard Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Nigella Seeds. (I usually toast the seeds and help save everyone a step)
  • Few dried Red Chilies
With the jars, I attached a detailed handwritten recipe. Maybe from now on I'll just give them the direct link to my Mom's Daal recipe ;)

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