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Stress Doesn't Cause Your Hair to Gray

2:36 PMM Khan

Shocking I know. I swear I have premature graying and of course stress is to blame. Turns out, this too is a deeply seeded old wives' tale. Aging is the true culprit. There is mainly two studied hypothesis that causes your hair to gray.

 Our hair color comes from melanin. As we age, there is decreased production of melanin from melanocytes. Why? Damage to our DNA from aging. Over time, naturally occurring damages accumulate in our DNA. So truly, its not stress, but rather genetics.
Second, working hypothesis, is due to oxidative stress in aging of hair. With age, we have increase in oxidants/ free radical species and decrease in our anti-oxidants enzymes. These leads to progressive damages to our melanocytes. This also explains why bleached (H
free radical species) hair is prone to early graying. (Hence, why I am graying).
So next time your mom gets frustrated, and blames you for her greying hair, you should tell her...nothing. It's never a good idea to get smart with moms. But you and I both know the truth of the matter.

{These are some common medical myths that either makes me chuckle or seriously concerned. So I share them with you in hopes that you will benefit and share with others.}
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